May 2024

Our May newsletter brings you our thoughts on the Government’s need to prioritise construction product safety, an article from our friends at Karis Capital providing their insights on The Rise of The Op-Co Prop-Co, we share an excellent Ridgemont Podcast with RICS President Elect Justin Sullivan (Adair) and update you on our recent Developers Breakfast at the RAC Club.

ePaper Adjudication: How to Resist Enforcement

Despite the Office for National Statistics reporting that construction output in the UK fell in volume by 0.4% in March 2024 as a result of paused infrastructure projects, the wider economic climate appears to be improving with GDP having grown 0.6% in Q1 (following declines of 0.3% in Q4 23 and 0.1% in Q3 23).  CBRE reports that inflation continues to trend downward and that there are signs that consumer confidence and demand are improving.  They say this will be supported further by the cutting of interest rates in the summer.

There definitely appears room for cautious optimism.  Our Contractor and Developer clients are certainly seeking advice on new projects.  However, we are also seeing a rise in disputes, presumably as a result of Contractors and Developers needing to bring cash in after the difficulties last year.

In this newsletter, we welcome RICS President Elect Justin Sullivan to the Ridgemont Podcast.  Justin has built Adair, a QS firm, into one of the most reputable firms in the UK construction sector, acting for established, stellar name Contractors and Developers.  I take this opportunity to thank Justin for his continued support.  I would also like to thank the numerous Developers that attended our RAC Club breakfast event, joint-hosted with Adair.  It was great to meet so many new people and see some familiar faces.

If you have a current legal issue that is sitting on your desk, then please email Tim Seal on or call us on 0203 909 9590.

New Civil Engineer

John Wallace, Managing Director at Ridgemont , explains why the Government needs to act fast on construction product safety in New Civil Engineer.

The Rise of Opco Propco

Nicholas Christofi, CEO of Karis Capital provides insight on the UK real estate market’s shift towards operational companies which is driven by government initiatives and the need for expert debt advice amid complex financing challenges.

Justin Sullivan | Ridgemont

Our latest Podcast sees Justin Sullivan⁠, CEO of ⁠Adair and President Elect of RICS tell us how he has risen to the top and what the construction sector needs to do to champion diversity.

RAC Developer Breakfast Event

Our Developers Breakfast at the RAC Club, co-hosted with our friends at Adair, was a great success, with engaging and insightful (and short) presentations from John Wallace and Tim Seal on the JCT D & B 2024 and the enforcement of adjudication decisions. Get in touch with us if you would like to express your interest in attending our next event by emailing

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