April 2024

Our April newsletter brings you an ePaper on the crucial issue of construction product regulation, the Secretary of State’s first pursuance of a Remediation Order under the Building Safety Act, crucial caselaw for Developers and expert values and our latest podcast.

ePaper: Construction Product Regulations

As we move into Q2 of 2024, we are seeing more and more signs of the market improving with both Developers and Contractors engaging us to advise on new projects and telling us about their pipelines for this year.  Still, there are challenges to be overcome, but the sense is that the sector is back on the up.

This month’s newsletter brings you an aPaper on the construction products regime.  This is an area of law which will shortly be changing, as the government is due to announce new regulations off the back of two independent reports.

We bring you an article published in Property Week discussing the Secretary of State’s first successful application for a Remediation Order under the Building Safety Act.  We expect to see more of these applications over the course of this year.

Tim Seal, our Head of Construction, sets out the benefits of international arbitration clauses in Construction Briefing and a summary of a crucial case for Developers and expert values, where the High Court sets out the pathway for suing a valuer for professional negligence where they get the price wrong.

If you have a current legal issue that is sitting on your desk, then please email Tim Seal on tseal@ridgemont.co or call us on 0203 909 9590.

Property Week

Secretary of State obtains first Remediation Contribution Order.  Our Managing Director, John Wallace, considers if this will be the first of many in 2024.  

Construction Briefing

Our Head of Construction, Tim Seal, provides crucial guidance on the use of international arbitration clauses in Construction Briefing. Read more by clicking below.

Rajeev Nayyar | Ridgemont

Our latest Podcast sees Raj Nayyar, Managing Director of Aareon Group discuss how to build a successful team and keep them motivated.

Key Caselaw Update

Important High Court case summary on when Developers can sue expert valuers for getting the value wrong. A must read.

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