June 2024

JCT Design & Build 2024: Evolution Rather Than Revolution

Around 70% of projects in the UK use JCT contracts, so a new edition is set to have a significant impact on the UK construction sector. We review the proposed/recent changes in an article for Construction News, taking a critical look at whether they go far enough to bring the JCT contracts into line with the current demands of the sector.

No area of work is immune to the potential impact of AI and in this issue we share a recent article in ABC&D which explores the opportunities and risks presented by the new technology on the construction sector and the overall supply chain. There is no doubt that AI will provide new efficiencies, but new grey areas will prove challenging and have their own unique legal implications.

John Wallace explores whether the Pacific Trade Deal has the potential to offset some of the damage caused to the construction sector by Brexit, and also takes a look at recent research into Big Law firms which suggests that associates have become disillusioned with the structure and working conditions. Finally, we are delighted to share our recent discussion with workplace culture expert Victoria Lewis, who joined us on this month’s Ridgemont podcast to talk about the steps that real estate and construction businesses can take to ensure they are proactively fostering a positive culture of inclusion and collaboration.

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John Wallace, Managing Director at Ridgemont, explores AI’s impact on construction design in the latest issue of ABC&D.

Construction News

How will the CPTPP trade deal help the UK construction industry? Read more in Construction News.

Victoria Lewis | Ridgemont

Our latest Podcast sees Victoria Lewis, Workplace Culture Expert, Consultant and Executive Coach explain how she became the go-to Workplace Culture guru and what business leaders in the real estate & construction sectors need to do to nurture a positive Workplace Culture.

Is this the end for Big Law?

The article discusses how only 25% of UK law firm associates want to become partners, favouring work-life balance over traditional career advancement. This trend poses a challenge to Big Law firms, prompting them to consider new career paths that emphasise autonomy and balance.

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