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How We Can Help You

As the individual responsible for legals in your business, you want clarity, certainty and responsiveness from your lawyers.

We understand the stress of having to deal with problem tenants, getting construction contracts over the line and dealing with disputes. More than that, as specialists in the sector, we understand the other stresses and strains that you are under.

Ridgemont’s expert specialist lawyers, trained at multi-jurisdictional law firms, have a huge amount of experience. Our lawyers deal with real estate and construction matters every day.

We’re experts in all areas of real estate and construction law, but it’s in our specialism, adjudications and High Court proceedings, that we stand out, bringing calmness and legal clarity to what are frequently highly charged emotional issues.

Our Commitment

We’ll handle the whole thing for you. Paperwork, preparation and appearances – we do it all. We’re on your side and here to help you.

So, if taking the pain out of your legal issues appeals. If getting back on top of things makes sense. If certainty and clarity replacing confusion is what you seek – then we should be talking.

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Who We Are

We are real estate and construction specialists providing advice to developers, contractors, professionals and other stakeholders in the industry. We currently advise clients in respect of Adjudications, County Court and High Court disputes and on the usual suite of construction documentation. We operate out of offices based in Farringdon, London and Bristol.

Our aim is to be recognised as experts in a market where mid-tier firms are struggling to attract clients due to their high cost base and where clients are more frequently looking for specialist firms on real estate and construction transactions.

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Practice Areas

Construction Law Solicitors

At Ridgemont we specialise in advising on all aspects of construction, real estate and engineering related matters. Our team bring a commercial perspective to both contractual, practical and dispute related issues, enabling you to find an effective solution or resolution in the most cost-effective manner.

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Construction Disputes/Resolution

When construction disputes arise, it is vital that you have an effective, early and successful resolution. We provide our clients with swift, clear and commercial advice to tackle construction disputes head-on.

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Construction Contract Solicitors

Our team of construction contract specialists are experts in their field. We provide practical and effective solutions in respect of drafting, amending or negotiating contracts.

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Landlord & Tenant Solicitors

At Ridgemont, we have a wealth of expertise and knowledge, built up over many years of acting for both commercial landlords and tenants. Tension between tenants and landlords is not uncommon, but in some cases, you will need the advice and support of a legal professional.

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Planning Dispute Solicitors

When planning disputes arise, it is vital that you have an effective, early and successful resolution. We provide our commercial and private clients with swift, clear and commercial advice to tackle planning disputes head-on.

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Corporate & Commercial Solicitors

Supporting businesses in the Construction & Real Estate sector is at the core of our business. Our expert team of solicitors provide specialist advice on construction matters across the country.

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