September 2022

What does Ridgemont mean?

In this video, John Wallace, our Managing Director in his own words, provides an insight into who we are, what we believe in and what we are trying to create.

Limitation Periods

In our latest ePaper we summarise the limitation periods encountered most in construction projects.

The B Corp Community!

We’re in the process of becoming part of The B Corp Community!

B Corp is an organisation that promotes businesses that have a purpose other than just to generate profit. Companies verified by B Corp must meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. We’re thrilled to become part of this community and network with other likeminded businesses.

To contribute towards B Corp Compliance we now make our financials public within the company, take part in as many CSR initiatives as possible, foster a transparent workplace and lots more!

Find out more about B Corp here.

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