Small Claims Court Guidance

Are you considering filing a Small Claims Court claim?

Are you unsure about how to do this and what it involves?

Let us, a Central London specialist law firm, guide you through the maze of the small claim court process and enable you to have clarity on how to file a claim.

Navigating the Small Claims Court process can be complex and time-consuming, but with our Small Claims Court Online Course, you’ll have everything you need to have clarity on the Small Claims process and what you need to do.

Our Course is the ultimate resource for anyone navigating the Small Claims Court system with a claim value of less than £10,000.

Failure to comply with Court process can lead to serious sanctions, including the strike out of your Claim.

  • We will provide you with the following essential tools:
  • How to file a Small Claims Court claim, including all necessary forms and paperwork
  • Expert guidance on preparing your case, including information on the complex rules and procedures
  • Example documents
  • How to prepare and what to do on the day of the hearing

Welcome to the Ridgemont Small Claims Court Course

The small claims court process can provide a quick and cost-effective means of resolving very low value construction disputes. You need to be aware of the procedural rules and process to ensure that your claim or defence is successful.

This resource pack will enable you to confidently initiate simply, low value legal claims without incurring legal fees. The pack includes professionally produced, captioned videos and PDFs that will walk you through the legal process and provide you with clarity as to what you need to do at each stage of the proceedings.

The key points you will learn from this course are:

  1. Is my claim suitable for the small claims track?
  2. How does the small claims track process work?
  3. How do I file & enforce a small claim track claim?


Small Claims Track

Pre Action Protocol

Letter Before Action

Complete Claim Form


Directions Questionnaire

Claim Allocation



Advice from Ridgemont

The Small Claims Court process is designed for low value claims.  If you have a claim, the value of which exceeds £10,000, then the claim ought to be brought in either the County Court or the High Court, depending on the value of the claim.  Both of those are adverse costs environments, which means, generally, the loser pays the winner’s costs.  Before commencing/defending such a claim, it is important that you get in contact with us on or on +44(0)204 579 8686, so that we can provide you with advice as to the merits of your claim/defence and the likely costs involved.

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