Construction Joint Ventures

Our experts can help you in a wide range of construction related joint ventures, by helping draft and negotiate agreements or by resolving disputes.

Joint ventures are a way to take on larger projects and are quite common in the construction industry. Joint ventures require careful planning and expert advice to make sure all parties are protected and that everyone understands their obligations.

Our specialist solicitors regularly act for investors, entrepreneurs and business owners and can assist with the creation, management and exit from joint ventures.

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Construction Joint Venture Agreements

If you’re planning to collaborate with another person or business on a construction project, then the right legal advice and formal agreement are vital. Having the right agreement in place ensures that all parties are clear of their position and responsibilities from the outset and that interests are protected.

There are many ways to structure a joint venture and our construction team have experience in a wide range of set ups. We can advise on the most suitable structure and explain the options available.

Why Use a Joint Venture Agreement?

Joint ventures offer many potential benefits. Not only are the resources, knowledge and technical expertise of two or more entities shared but also the risks and rewards. There are various advantages to companies and individuals wanting to form joint ventures, these include:

  • Access to greater knowledge and resources
  • Construction & property investment/development
  • The ability to share and spread risk

What to look for?

Before entering into a joint venture, examine your prospective collaborator’s financial strengths, banking arrangements and relationships, quality and safety records, and company culture.

Review a prospective partner’s history of litigation and legal claims. These can provide insights into how the company does business and where it stands financially.

To avoid surprises and disputes it is vital that you create a joint venture agreement. It should spell out responsibilities for running day-to-day operations; handling accounting, billing and cash transactions; and procuring supplies and materials. In addition, the agreement should outline insurance, bonding and tax issues and it clearly expresses who’s responsible for safety procedures and obtaining which permits and licenses.

Even with a well-drafted agreement, disputes can still occur. We can also draft all agreements with provisions for dispute resolution procedures.

The construction team at Ridgemont has significant experience and expertise in this field with an understanding of all the underlying legal issues. We work closely with our clients to make sure they receive precise legal advice to achieve the best outcome for their project.

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We have been involved in a wide range of construction related joint venture matters.

Our style is to be proactive and work with you and other advisers to achieve your objectives. Our depth and breadth of expertise enable us to add value to your project and agreement.

We aim to work with you to help to deliver your projects successfully and efficiently and to resolve disputes as swiftly as possible. Whether you want general advice or strong action, we have the knowledge and experience to help you in the most effective way.

We are able to clearly explain the legal issues and provide you with expert advice in your specific circumstances.

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