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It's unfortunate that some construction projects end in a dispute, driving the parties into some form of dispute resolution. Many of these construction disputes are resolved through arbitration, which is an alternative to litigation. The parties in dispute, instead of going to court to resolve the matter, agree to submit their case to a neutral third-party, known as the arbitrator, who will act as a judge.

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What is Construction Arbitration?

Arbitration is another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). It is a long-established method in the UK and a favoured method of resolving disputes in the construction and civil engineering industries. Arbitration allow disputes to be settled by experienced and appropriately qualified experts, as opposed to a judge in court proceedings.

The Arbitration Process

To refer a dispute to arbitration, there must be an arbitration agreement in writing. In order to determine whether there is an arbitration clause in place, certain components in the agreement are required to be present.

In many cases, parties have a dispute resolution provision in their contract that requires the parties to mediate first. If mediation is unsuccessful, they can then submit the dispute to arbitration. If an arbitration agreement exists, the terms may stipulate what the procedure is to appoint an arbitrator.

Once an arbitrator is appointed, it is common for a preliminary meeting to be held between the parties, legal representatives and the arbitrator, to examine the dispute and agree on a process and timetable.

Both parties then need to prepare for presentations, exchange information and provide written evidence to the arbitrator for review before the hearing.

At the hearing, both parties present their evidence and witness statements to the arbitrator. The hearing isn’t as formal as a litigation although the process is similar. Once the arbitrator has considered all the information and evidence, he will decide and determine his or her findings.

Unlike adjudication, an arbitration award is final, except for very limited rights of appeal.

Advantages of arbitration

There are several benefits to arbitration, these include:

  • A quicker and more cost-effective resolution than litigation
  • Confidential: Minimising reputational damage
  • Decisions are binding
  • Tailored approach: With the ability to choose an arbitrator with relevant experience in the given matter.

If you are unsure whether arbitration is the best option for you, then speak to our experienced construction solicitors who will be able to advise you on the best dispute resolution options available in your circumstances.

We are able to manage the whole arbitration process, from advising whether a valid arbitration agreement exists, appointing an arbitrator, representing a party in arbitration proceedings, to the enforcement of an award or, if required, challenging it.

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We have been involved in a wide range of construction disputes, many of which have involved niche and unusual points of law.

Our style is to be proactive and work with you and other advisers to achieve your objectives. Our depth and breadth of expertise enable us to add value by facilitating the arbitration process.

We aim to work with you to help to deliver your projects successfully and efficiently and to resolve disputes as swiftly as possible. Whether you want general advice or strong action, we have the knowledge and experience to help you in the most effective way.

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