July 2023

Introducing the new Ridgemont Website! Our July newsletter sees a valuable ePaper on work:life balance, two vital articles on the flaws to the Buildings Safety Act and the anticipated Infrastructure Levy and access to our extensive library of high-quality, expert-led construction law videos. Welcome to the Ridgemont newsletter, which this month includes an article on […]

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June 2023

Introducing the new Ridgemont Website! Our June newsletter sees Ridgemont launch its ground breaking new website, featuring a professionally produced video Knowledge Hub aimed at increasing knowledge of construction law within the construction sector PLUS win a case of Champagne! Welcome to the Ridgemont newsletter, which this month announces the official launch of our brand-new

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April 2023

April’s newsletter brings you free education on Letters of Intent, a valuable short-read ePaper on Fixed Costs in Litigation, an important update on the Developer Remediation Contract and the Responsible Actors Scheme and more! Fixed Costs in Litigation 2023 is a period of change for construction and real estate law and in this month’s newsletter

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March 2023

Welcome to the Ridgemont newsletter, which this month includes another, value Ridgemont ePaper. This ePaper focuses on Adjudications involving insolvent parties and provides an update on insolvency legal news. This is our second ePaper on insolvency in the Construction sector. We hope you find it a useful resource and do get in touch if you

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January 2023

What is a Notified Sum? The Law Society Gazette article (10 min read) Ridgemont were invited to participate in the Law Society Gazette’s latest roundtable, where we explained Ridgemont’s approach to the business-critical issues of today which present challenges for law firms. Legal Costs in Dispute Resolution (5 min read) The cost of resolving a

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December 2022

Covid 19 and Brexit: What can be done to protect against material price inflation? Brexit and the Covid 19 pandemic have seen a substantial increase in the cost of materials in the construction sector. How is this dealt with in construction contracts? What is a fluctuations provision? Watch the above video to find out. Here’s

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November 2022

What is Critical Path Analysis? Delay is very expensive for developers and contractors. Watch this video to learn about how the consequences of delay on a construction programme can be demonstrated and evidenced effectively. The Times John Wallace was invited by the Times to discuss the toxic cultures in many law firms. Competency of Adjudicators

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October 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022 The theme of 2022’s World Mental Health Day, set by the World Federation for Mental Health, is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. In this video we talk about what WMHD means to us at Ridgemont. ePaper from our latest Webinar Our latest ePaper on the

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September 2022

What does Ridgemont mean? In this video, John Wallace, our Managing Director in his own words, provides an insight into who we are, what we believe in and what we are trying to create. Limitation Periods In our latest ePaper we summarise the limitation periods encountered most in construction projects. The B Corp Community! We’re

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