Do I need to get you to look at the contracts proposed by the contractor / employer or can an architect or QS advise me on them?

Our advice is always to get a construction lawyer to review your construction contracts because:

• Many architects and QS firms do not have professional indemnity insurance covering them for the giving of legal advice<

• Whilst architects and QS's are experienced in managing contracts and administering building contracts they are not lawyers and their tendency is to use documents they have seen on other projects and apply them to a current project without necessarily capturing all the changes that need to be made to reflect the nuances of the current project. This is the biggest mistake we see as lawyers. Every project is bespoke. Different parties are involved with different interests (for example funders), there are differences in the sites being built upon and one has to consider what the intention of the developer is after completion of the project (does he want to sell it or let it or use it for example). All these things affect how we craft our documents. One shoe does not fit all.

• In addition, we are being asked all the time to assist and advise architects and QS's, who are tasked with pulling together contracts, on the documents they are producing, showing us that they are not really fully able to tackle the documents in a way a construction lawyer would do.

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